As an architect or architectural firm, there are many things you need to do to keep your clients on time, satisfied and within state and federal regulations and guidelines. That all, of course, is in addition to making sure your client is happy with your commercial or residential design.


The permitting process is an added, but required task that many architectural companies may have to pay someone to do; or go through the hassle of doing themselves. Freeing up your time by having APAC LLC help you with that step allows you more time to dedicate to your clients’ needs in the capacity they hired you for — designing a sound, safe and viable structure for your home or business needs.

APAC LLC, in partnership with JENKEN Pacific Inc., is a locally owned, family-operated full service architectural company that can design any project to meet your budget and lifestyle, but can also save you time by efficiently processing and monitoring your plans with the Department of Planning & Permitting (DPP), and also reduces the wait time of obtaining a building permit if you are an existing architect or architectural firm.


The company is committed to saving you time, because time is money. Architects do not have to physically go down to the building department to route their building permits, and can then focus on what matters — designing their next project. The wait time of obtaining a building permit is drastically reduced when handled by APAC LLC.


The company offers a quick turnaround, and permits are approved faster, so that you can get your projects completed sooner. Cost estimates are given upfront, so that you can budget your projects accordingly — without any worries about hidden or surprise fees at the completion of your project.

Said architectural client George Fong, “When I used to get my own building permits, my schedule was so hectic. My time was split between the DPP and my office trying to draft up my plans. After hiring APAC LLC for all my building permits, I can just focus on designing my projects. I’m able to move quicker from one project to the next.”

The friendly staff at APAC LLC is also committed to helping you alleviate added stress by taking it on your behalf. Communicating and working closely with the DPP, the company has been doing this for so many years that it not only has the proper contacts and protocol in place, but also takes care of the actual legwork, thus removing the stressful task of doing this part on your own.


Last but not least, APAC LLC continues in its efforts to be more environmentally friendly. Not only do you, as a client, conserve gas from driving back and forth from the building department to different agencies for approval, but APAC LLC will work electronically with digital plans, helping the environment by going paperless. In addition, the company offers wide-format scanning, and can archive your plans that are currently being stored around your office.

Cut down on time-consuming hassles by having APAC LLC expedite your permits, and devote more time to what really matters to your architectural clients — the final product.

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