Stuck with an inefficient, outdated kitchen? Or with waking up in the morning and fighting over who gets to use the bathroom first? Or is the problem that closet that is a tad too small to fit all of that “stuff” you have lying around the house? You think to yourself, “Man, I think it’s time for an upgrade.”

Finding a new residence that meets all your desires and expectations in a tight housing market, at the right price, may not be as easy as you think. Perhaps enhancing what you already have may be the key.


Before rolling up your sleeves and busting out the hammer, it is best to sit down with your family and prioritize what is really important. Set a realistic budget, and draft up some plans on how your renovation would look. Some work may require a building permit, so it is best to seek a professional that can assist you with planning and permitting. Proceeding with construction work without a permit may result in a building citation and even more trouble down the line.

It is great that you know almost everything in the process. But the reality is, you may not. This is where Drafting Solutions can be of service to you.

Drafting Solutions has almost 10 years of experience working with homeowners to turn their dreams into reality — from small deck additions to kitchen and bath renovations, to brand new residences. Whatever your vision is, Drafting Solutions would be honored to be a part of that process.

The company offers services catered to handle the building permit process. Securing a building permit can be time-consuming if the right documents are not submitted, or are not submitted properly.


Drafting Solutions will take the worry of obtaining a building permit out of your hands, so that you may start your project on time and on schedule. Give Drafting Solutions a call for a free consultation, or check out the company website.

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