From a modern/urban industrial look to a comfy cottage look, there’s one style of kitchen that’s perfect for you. Read on to find out what you like best and how to easily and affordably get the look you truly want.


Inviting, warm, cheerful and charming describe this kitchen style — and your personality — perfectly. The color pallet is light and includes white and soft tones. Open shelves and an apron-style sink help create a warm feeling. When you invite your friends over, you talk about the vintage decor you’ve used to make the space feel like home. To create this look on a budget, shop flea markets for decorations.


You have an old soul, and you want your kitchen decorated in an earthy, colorful style with old-world charm. It’s the perfect blend of friendly and vivacious energy with tiled backsplashes, wrought iron detailing, exposed ceiling beams and raised-panel cabinets in dark wood tones.




Bright, complex and sparkling are the details that exist in a traditional kitchen. Warm neutral colors with decorative cabinet doors in an antique finish in the kitchen echo your approachable personality. If you want to achieve this look without purchasing new cabinets, consider trying Nuvo Cabinet Paint in Coconut Espresso or Euro Taupe colors.

Urban industrial

The kitchen that best fits your new-age swagger is the urban industrial style, complete with a neutral base color accented with pops of color and edgy art. The look is effortless with touches of well-traveled, rustic, modern, bold and unique. The architecture is open, with brick wall, exposed ducts and pipes or even a chalkboard wall. The furniture is unique and often mismatched, promoting individuality.

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