Designing and remodeling bathrooms for “aging in place,” as well as to accommodate family members with limited mobility due to age or accidents, is a specialty of Tropical Plumbing & Bath.

Company president Charlie Beeck, a Building Industry Association “Remodeler of the Year” awardee, notes that bathrooms have become an important focus of home remodeling projects. Upgrading the bathroom to a private oasis in the home for relaxation and rejuvenation is a growing trend.


“Designing for life” with walk-in bathtubs and showers is part of this trend, with people living longer and, generally, healthier lives, but also preparing for the future and possible lessened mobility. Walk-in bathtubs and walk-in showers are often integrated into “age-friendly” bathrooms.


Households with senior or disabled members now routinely specify these fixtures when they remodel or build a new custom home. People whose jobs or athletic activities cause stiffness or stressed muscles also benefit from therapeutic bathtubs and showers with massage capabilities.

Tropical Plumbing & Bath is Hawaii’s leading resource for sales and installation of high quality walk-in bathtubs and showers, which are fully warrantied and made in the U.S. A licensed plumber and general contractor, Tropical Plumbing & Bath installs walk-in bathtubs and showers in single-family homes and condominiums, redesigns bathrooms to accommodate the new fixtures, and can also add a new custom bathroom to a home.


To arrange a free consultation for bathroom design alterations and installations, including walk-in bathtub and shower systems to serve special family needs, call 847-0970.

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