I am ecstatic about this week. By the time you read this, I will be in Cleveland, holding my baby nephew for the first time ever.

At a time when we all are preparing to give thanks, I couldn’t be more grateful. Family is a big part of my life, and our most quality time together always has been spent congregated around the kitchen.


Whether you have new kids or grandkids in the house, or you’re preparing for friends, making the kitchen fit for a group of all ages is a must. Here’s how:

Go soft

A rug underfoot and cushioned seats invite guests to stay a while. If you’re worried about potential stains ruining your upholstered chairs, try slipcovers. I also place anti-fatigue mats throughout the kitchen with soft rugs overtop. This will ensure that even the person doing the cooking can feel comfortable.


Organize by size

Keep the kid stuff down where they can access it easily. In the fridge, things like juice boxes and handy snacks can go down low in drawers. For adult things, such as sharp knives and glass, store up high.

Add color


Adding subtle hues of calming colors like blues or greens in your kitchen island or through your accessories adds interest to your space and brings out the natural beauty of your floors or cabinets.

Let loose

Pristine surfaces without a speck of imperfection are an impossible ideal. Instead, opt for surfaces that can sustain daily life.

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