On Nov. 3, Hawaiian Electric Company (HECO) announced that it is in the process of approving 2,058 customers by April 2015, and will approve another 2,500 by December 2015 to be connected to the grid.

“This is exciting news; we are encouraged that HECO is beginning to help us help our customers,” said John Yeh, director of Risource Energy, a locally owned solar photovoltaic (PV) provider and installer. “We are glad to have clarity and a timeline.”



For folks now considering installing solar, Yeh addressed some basic questions:

Q: Now that HECO says they will approve permits faster, how long would I have to wait for approval?

A: “We’re not sure yet. We do know that many of our customers who have been waiting have now had their permits approved,” Yeh said.

Current applications for homes in neighborhoods with grid connections below 120 percent daily use capacity “are moving through the normal process, and are likely to receive prompt approvals,” HECO’s web-site says. In this category, as new applications come in, they will be reviewed, and approvals sent out on an ongoing basis. “Most residential customers are in this category,” Yeh added.

Q: But will my system get approved and installed before the federal credit expires at the end of 2016?

A: There’s a good chance it will, but nothing is certain as of yet. “We are cautiously optimistic, and encouraging customers to make use of us to help assess their status and get their applications in,” he said.


Q: But will I have to install an inverter?

A: Not likely. “Inverters are only required in the above 120 percent grid capacity category,”Yeh explained.

Q: What’s special about Risource Energy’s PV panels?

A: “As soon as they’re exposed to sunlight, Risource Energy’s thin-film CSI panels start producing electricity, unlike other panels, which take longer. Ours also work better on cloudy days, stand up to Hawaii’s salty, humid environment, and come with a warranty on both the panels and systems.”

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