Pacific Islands Solar is pleased to introduce Fire and Ice, a new solar hot water systems and performance enhancement for A/C cooling equipment. Fire and Ice utilizes proven technology of heat transfer systems of both solar thermal technology and heat recovery unit technology (HRU).

The Fire and Ice system utilizes not only the unlimited energy of the sun, but also heat recovery technology from mechanical equipment such as air conditioners and heat pumps. The patent pending technology provides multiple benefits, including hot water production during daytime and nighttime hours, as well as a significant increase in the mechanical equipment efficiency.



Overall, Fire and Ice touts one of the best ROI’s in the renewable energy arena. The savings from hot water production and increased mechanical performance is virtually unmatched, and can provide significant energy savings for homeowners.

The system is also retrofitable to existing equipment. Your existing A/C equipment, hot water tank and traditional solar hot water systems do not have to be replaced. An additional benefit is the ability to upgrade a traditional solar hot water system with the latest technology. Three energy systems technologies are created from one.

Fire and Ice creates hot water from the sun, creates hot water from the mechanical equipment (A/C) and improves the efficiency of the mechanical equipment. The system reduces the load on the compressor, thus consuming less electricity.


Up to 50 percent of your energy bill can be saved by the Fire and Ice system. Savings are proportionate to your hot water and air conditioning usage. Anyone who finds themselves using their A/C more will appreciate the energy savings from the Fire and Ice system, plus the benefit of additional hot water production.


Pacific Islands Solar’s goal is to provide the best solar solutions. The company only uses the best products and installs these products with quality installation in mind. Along with the Fire and Ice system, it also installs Kyocera solar modules for PV systems, one of the best solar modules in the industry.

Since Pacific Islands Solar is also a general contractor and roofing contractor, it also has the expertise to ensure that installations are leak-free and well-constructed. To find out more about the Fire and Ice system or Kyocera PV system, call 841-7756 or email You can also visit the company’s website online at

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