When it’s time to retire, do baby boomers just sit back and watch life pass them by? Not anymore. Boomers are known for getting involved in their communities, enjoying the outdoors and starting new hobbies. They also love spending time with family.

This active lifestyle means boomers don’t want to take care of the large homes they lived in while raising children. They’re ready to downsize, and design their homes to be exactly what they need.

Here are a few ideas to consider:

Hidden entertainment


When friends and family come over, consider how efficient it is to have a built-in cabinet that flips open to serve as a beverage station.

When visitors are not around, tucking the beverage station away into a designated place makes the home more open.

Mid age couples enjoying meal at home

Accessible laundry

Placing laundry facilities close to the bedroom is a great idea. The space doesn’t need to be large, and can even be outfitted with pull-out hanging racks or built-in storage above the machines and off the floor.

Bedroom luxury

Enjoy a home that segregates the master bedroom and bath from entertaining areas. One way to do this is to install a beauty bar. It’s a vanity station in the bedroom with a large mirror and chair so one can comfortably prep for the day without constantly standing.

Fun space


Many retirees finally have the time to enjoy their hobbies to their full potential, and they’ll need to designate a space in their new home to accommodate the activity. Maybe they’re interested in physical fitness and need a place for equipment.

Sometimes a craft room is required so the grandkids can come over and unleash their creativity. Having a separate room just for entertaining might be exactly what is needed.

By efficiently utilizing living space that is specifically designed for their use, boomers can enjoy their retirement years in a home built to suit their new active lifestyles.

This article is courtesy of Brandpoint.