Whether constructing a residence from scratch or creating an addition to an existing structure, homeowners desire the “wow” factor that comes from seeing their dwelling exceed expectations. For those clients who have trusted their homes to S. Tanaka Construction, the “wow” factor stems from the exceptional professionalism provided by the experienced building firm through every step of the process.

The home builder has long aimed to please its clients, taking immense pride in the referrals it receives from satisfied customers who are delighted by its constant communication, quality work and ability to finish on time and within budget.


“Our main forte is brand-new homes or additions,” said S. Tanaka owner Ryan Tanaka, who also noted that the company is well-suited to handle specific renovations as well as kitchens and bathrooms. “We’re a design-build operation, so we work with the customer as far as coming up with the layout of the house and executing its design.”

The company started 28 years ago when original founder Shinya Tanaka began helping Oahu’s residents out of a humble office/warehouse space on Ward Ave. While the company has grown, occupying a more functional locale in Kalihi, S. Tanaka Construction still makes it a priority to provide stellar customer service, including flexible appointment schedules for its clients. Customers can plan consultations during evening hours and on weekends — schedules are created to accommodate client needs.


When planning an addition to a current structure, Tanaka reminds customers that the cost per square foot can actually outweigh that of a new building because of additional costs involved with retrofitting or tapping into existing infrastructure and linking it to a brand-new project area. S. Tanaka Construction provides free estimates that aren’t necessarily based on a per-square-foot basis, as different amenities and other desires will create inaccuracies within the quote.


For example, when a homeowner chooses to add options such as air conditioning systems or upgrade bathroom fixtures, lighting fixtures, cabinetry, countertops or flooring, the cost of the project will increase while the square footage of the building remains the same. What other companies would have offered as an estimate based on cost per square foot would then be skewed, making installing a PV system costing $30,000 into a 2,000-square-foot home costing $300,000 equal $165 per square foot. As another example, a 2,000-square-foot home that costs $300,000 would come out to $150 per square foot. Now, add photovoltaics, which would cost $30,000 and increase the contract price to $330,000, which would equal $165 per square foot.

“We don’t charge by the square foot. Some companies do, but we don’t because there are too many variables. Every lot condition is different and the conditions vary regardless of the home’s square footage,” Tanaka explained. “With additions, we have to deal with the existing structure, everything from walls to windows and concrete needs to be factored in, and that affects the cost — and a lot of people don’t realize the extra work involved as opposed to starting from scratch.”

Whether you have a vision or you’re in the brainstorming process, get your free consultation at S. Tanaka Construction by calling 848-5010 or visiting online at www.STanakaConstruction.com.

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