B+G Design Build (also known as Blue and Green Innovations) offers the complete package of architectural and construction services to suit a wide range of project types. In the last few months alone, the company has designed and built eight new homes, and completed more than 10 major renovation projects.

B+G Design Build has the professionalism and experience to ensure that all standards of quality and timelines are met with precision. From commercial expansions and construction of new custom homes to renovations and additions, the company’s all-in-house advantage streamlines the entire process, from conception to realization.


The main advantages of choosing B+G Design Build are simple: save time, ensure high levels of quality and sustainability, and reduce overall cost. Keeping the entirety of a project within one design build company allows the client’s vision to come to life, without the hassle.

Many unnecessary expenses and obstacles are avoided by choosing B+G, as the whole design and build team are operating under one roof. The relationship between its clients, designers and craftsmen is extremely close, resulting in projects that are done right the first time.

One of the company’s recent projects is a perfect example of its integrated full service. This past year, it designed and rebuilt four new homes in Palolo valley.

During this project, it was the intent to approach these homes as renovations rather than new construction, thus diverting the existing structures from the landfill and utilizing all that was possible. This strategic move also saved a great deal of time during the permitting process.


The design concept was to keep the homes aesthetically cohesive, but also to establish an individual identity for each one. This included the importance of separating the four lots with intuitive pathways, fences and landscaping elements that allowed for privacy, while not inhibiting the beautiful views of the valley. B+G was successful in providing unique, cost-effective and quality homes to four new families, while also adding value to the neighborhood and encouraging others in the area to improve their own properties.

In addition to completing the design and build phases for the project, B+G also installed new infrastructure for utilities, delivered CPR documents for development, provided surveys and topographies, added site work for proper water drainage, evaluated cost analysis needed for value engineering and handled the marketing of all four homes.

With years of experience in residential development, B+G had opportunities to be involved in many areas of service not typically provided by a design build firm. This experience reinforced the company’s understanding of the value of time and capital.


B+G’s goal is to create safer, cleaner and more inhabitable spaces for those in its community, and to provide a solution and model that contributes to how this land is handed over to the future generations. By staying true to its ethos, values and vision, B+G can make a difference in the way the world evolves.

This is the company’s purpose. Drawing inspiration from the natural beauty that surrounds it, the company’s design process ensures that each B+G creation is truly a unique treasure.

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