I have been a concrete contractor since 1990. I am the owner of W.G. Construction LLC, and my company does projects of any size. We work from flat ground to the hardest area of your project, and still provide a reasonable price.


I will make sure, before starting the work, that both parties understand the scope of the work when installing concrete. Also, I will make sure to explain what the contract price entails.

When installing concrete, I will provide installation of base materials, right compaction, installation of wire mesh or rebar for reinforcement and pour the right pounds per square inch of concrete. What is important about installing concrete, is following the right finishing procedure. I have worked with different general contractors as their subcontractor doing concrete work — both commercial and residential.


W.G. Construction provides excavation, fence walls, retaining walls and hollow tile structural walls. The staff builds to fit any area of your project, including compaction, rebar, CMU blocks and concrete.


In addition to these services, W.G. Construction is a general contractor, with the experience to build new homes, renovate, build additions, jack up homes and perform any small project. It also provides services for commercial and government projects.

As the owner, I fully supervise each project, to make sure the job will go according to plan. My crew will always keep the job-site clean and safe.

I ensure good quality control when building, to make sure only quality materials are used. My goal is to make sure the job is finished at the committed time given to the customer. Quality work and satisfaction at the end of the project is most important.


The crew works with clients to design their projects and provide architectural and engineering advice. The company will design your project the way you want, so that you are satisfied, and it even handles processing the plans to get a permit. Most of W.G. Construction’s new clients are referred by existing clients — a testament to its high quality of work.

contact // 676-8898 • 330-8943
address // 94-065 F Waipahu Depot Road