The bidet’s popularity grew during the 1700s, and it is considered a must for homes across Asia and Europe today. In Japan, where most households have a bidet toilet installed, it is common to find them even in public restrooms.

These bidets are commonly called Washlets® — a brand name of TOTO Ltd. — and include many advanced features to bring happiness and cleanliness into your bathroom time. Until recently, most Americans had never seen a bidet, and so they had never thought to install one in their own home. But with travel to Asia and abroad, many local people are starting to take notice of the wonderful device that replaces your toilet seat — the TOTO Washlet®.


TOTO, the world’s largest bidet seat manufacturer, introduced the Washlet to the U.S. market in 1989. The brand is known as the premier Washlet manufacturer for the U.S. The modern bidet seat is an electronic seat that sits on a standard toilet and converts it into a personal hygiene system, often with more features than a freestanding bidet.

The Washlet’s design allows for a quick and compact conversion of one’s existing toilet that can be done in about 30 minutes, without changing the existing plumbing. For those who live with extended family, who need a way to keep their older family members independent, a Washlet is a godsend — as its automatic seat opens for you.

The Washlet’s ability to gently cleanse without abrasion also makes it beneficial to all. For relief from hemorrhoids, for women who have recently given birth, as well as for those who simply want a better bathroom experience, the Washlet will surely keep its owners happy.

TOTO’s top Washlets, the s300e and s350e, feature an adjustable, oscillating swing-spray nozzle and pulsating massage sprays. The seat, washer and drier are all warm and adjustable, and a programmable remote control is included to conveniently hold in your hand, so the Washlet is ready to make you clean and refreshed.


Equipped with eWater+ technology, the s300e and s350e use the clean, incoming water to pre-mist and wet the inside of the toilet bowl, making it 80 percent more effective than cleaning with a dry bowl. After each flush, they mist the bowl with electrolyzed water. Also, having a slightly acidic pH value, the eWater+ keeps the bowl fresh and clean longer. This saves on using harsh chemicals for cleaning.

Washlets are also environmentally friendly. The model’s average energy consumption is less than that of a 40w light bulb, and will likely save its energy cost in toilet paper alone. Most people don’t realize how much water it takes just to create and treat toilet paper.

And if you’re tired of plunging the toilet (or running out of toilet paper) because someone in the family is flushing too much of it, use a Washlet. For those in Hawaii looking to maximize their cleanliness, or wishing to make better use of their time spent on the “throne,” visit The Bathroom Store at 985 Dillingham Blvd.


The Bathroom Store has been TOTO’s premier Washlet distributor for more than 20 years. If you purchase a Washlet at The Bathroom Store through the end of 2014, you’ll receive special in-store savings.

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