The world of renovations can be confusing to navigate. Many of us find it difficult to look past the shortcomings of the present to visualize the possibilities of what our kitchens could be.


Oriental Cabinet and Granite LLC works to harness the power of your imagination on a budget, offering free estimates and free design. Using top-of-the-line computer software, the company can transform measurements of your existing space into a brand new design — no matter how large or small the changes are that you want to make.


On the road to making your remodeling dreams a reality, visiting the Oriental Cabinet and Granite showroom is an excellent way to try on different ideas for size. Currently in the showroom, four different kitchens are set up in their entirety, showcasing 16 different cabinets in signature styles of Birch wood.

With colors of walnut cherry, honey maple, white, light cherry and dark cherry, there’s a variety of cabinet colors to suit every personal style and existing interior design. General manager Jonathan Magbual favors the most popular color, dark cherry. “We’ve done installations with almost all of the countertops with the dark cherry,” he said, noting that it looks striking paired with any type of countertop.


Oriental Cabinet and Granite is continuously updating its showroom, to keep it as an up-to-date tool to see, touch and experience the potential of your space. New in the showroom is the company’s selection of shower and bath possibilities.


While the company wants to encourage you to dream big, it also wants to make sure you don’t get hit with equally outsized sticker-shock.

Currently, the company is running a 35 to 50 percent discount on all cabinets featured in the showroom, taking prices down from $2,300 to only $1,899. From there, the trained team at Oriental Cabinet and Granite can install in a matter of days. It’s easy to get stuck within the status quo, but with the help of the right professionals, you will find it’s equally as easy to make the changes you’ve always wanted.

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