As licensed professionals, APAC LLC manages your complete building cycle from conception, design and engineering, to permitting and construction. However, in every step of a home or business build, repair, renovation or rebuild, the permitting step can be a daunting task for anyone, regardless of your background in permits and the process leading up to it.


About one year ago, the City and County of Honolulu’s Department of Planning & Permitting (DPP) launched ePlans, a program designed to electronically review building permit plans ( JENKEN Pacific Inc., in conjunction with APAC LLC, is DPP’s new qualified ePlans Prescreener.

As the qualified ePlans Prescreener, APAC LLC will collaborate with clients and/or design professionals to perform and expedite the prescreening process. The company was the very first to be authorized as a “qualified prescreening” business by the City and County of Honolulu for ePlans. A locally owned and operated architectural consulting company, APAC LLC is the No. 1 residential permitting routing company in the State of Hawaii.


In regards to permit prescreening, the new ePlans building permit application process requires plans to be submitted to DPP for quality prescreening prior to routing to various departments for review and approval, and then to be reviewed by the city, to make sure that the plans meet certain criteria before the permitting process can even begin. That prescreening process with DPP can take weeks — or months — before plans are qualified to be reviewed and approved.


APAC LLC will provide and submit electronic plans that are able to bypass the DPP’s prescreening process and go directly into the plans review stage. APAC LLC will electronically upload the plans directly to DPP for various department review and approval, saving homeowners time, money and hassle in getting a building permit.

With an in-house licensed architect and many other well-versed experts in the industry, APAC LLC has a staff that is knowledgeable in all building codes and familiar with Building Department requirements.

The staff will also continually monitor and track the progress of all department reviews. APAC LLC then takes it one step further: After reviews are released, the company will coordinate with the clients and/or design professionals for corrections and updates.


Said APAC LLC clients Jay and Natasha Sabado, “We were amazed to find out how many different services APAC LLC provides. We initially contacted them for a question about getting a building permit. Turns out they were able to help us finish designing our plans, doing the necessary research of our property and provide a 3D rendering of our house — all in addition to getting our building permit! We recommend that everyone uses APAC LLC, to alleviate the stresses of getting a building permit.”

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