If you find yourself wondering when you need to replace your asphalt shingle roof, and what your options are, here are some things to think about:

First of all, look for these telltale signs of shingle failure. Most obvious is missing or torn shingles, damaged by the wind. As the hot Hawaiian sun beats down on shingles, they tend to dry out and shed their protective granules. Check your gutter and you may see small piles of ceramic sand.


It’s time to either reroof with traditional shingles, or paint them with a protective coating that cools down your house, as well as protects your shingles, for the lifetime of your structure. Instead of tearing off your roof and hauling it to the dump every 20 years or so, at an ever increasing cost, simply recoat as needed.

Leakmaster has coated roofs approaching 15 years that look like new. With the new silicone technologies, some manufacturers warranty their products for up to 50 years.


If you go with traditional roofing, Leakmaster suggests solar reflective shingles such as Certain-Teed Solaris. Leakmaster has installed many of these and they have weathered well.


However, some homeowners report that their homes are still hotter than they would like. They can feel that the “cool roof ” aspect of these shingles is oversold. For those folks, Leakmaster recommends a reflective coating that can reflect up to 92 percent of the sun’s UV rays.

If you want to blend into your neighborhood’s color scheme, you can get colors from NXT COOL ZONE that range from a light tan to a dark charcoal gray. While they will never be as cool as a white roof, they are much cooler than the exact same colors that don’t have the special UV reflective tints. If you still want it cooler — and who doesn’t after this hot summer? — Leakmaster can install PV solar roof vents that qualify for 65 percent tax credits.

Whatever your budget allows for, including just a simple repair, Leakmaster is committed to presenting affordable options that will keep you cool, even in the hottest weather. You can visit the company showroom at 575 Cooke St. and see the sample products up close. If you want to learn more in the comfort of your home, go to www.leakmaster.com and compare all the products.

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