When you’re interested in finding out if you can reduce your electric bill by installing a solar photovoltaic (PV) system, there are a few options you have. You can ask your neighbors, friends and family members (assuming they have PV systems) which companies they hired, and if they are happy with the results. You can call companies and ask them questions, or simply follow these guidelines to consider from Risource Energy’s director, John Yeh:

What are your priorities? Are you simply interested in reducing your electric bill, or do you want to also give back to the grid? Risource Energy’s systems use a “light soaking effect” technology, which provides up to 14 percent more electricity than non-CIS panels. CIS (Copper, Indium and Selenium) are the key materials used to produce these panels, which offer a higher performance ratio than crystalline silicon and higher efficiency, when compared to other thin-film panels.


How are you going to pay for this investment? Most systems for a single family home cost at least $20,000. Risource Energy has financing options available if needed.

Consider the following items as you evaluate each company:

Experience and expertise

How much experience and expertise do they have in designing and installing solar PV systems that optimize your home’s location? At Risource Energy, the Solar Frontier panels work well in shady areas, moist and salty environments, as well as on homes that don’t have a lot of roof space.

Quality of the panels


Many companies claim their panels are the best, but can they prove it? Risource Energy’s systems are all Solar Frontier panels, which are eco-friendly, great for Hawaii’s climate, made 100 percent in Japan, and are certified ISO14001.


Warranty and maintenance

How long is their warranty and maintenance plan? At Risource Energy, all Solar Frontier panels come with a 25 year warranty, and the company provides a free 10 year warranty on installation and annual maintenance, inspection and cleaning program.


Will you achieve significant savings, to get the best return on your investment? Here is what other customers have said, “We are extremely happy … Since our system was installed, our bill has been either $17 or $9.”

Friendly customer service


How friendly is their service? Dean Wakatsuki, operations manager, said, “I’m most happy when I can save people money and give them options, so they can be in charge of their own future.”


In order to receive the absolute best price, call each company about a solar analysis. Or call Risource Energy at 843-8100 and ask for Hoku, Dean or John. The team staff is happy to schedule time to see you!

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