Prioritizing a home-improvement wish list is never easy. If you’re trying to figure out which project to tackle next, look at your list and see if some of your projects could actually give you style, comfort and energy efficiency all at once. The following are designed to do just that:

Appliance update

Does your dishwasher make so much noise you can’t have a conversation? Have you replaced the inner plumbing of your toilets? These are indicators that you have outdated appliances. Installing new, Energy-Star appliances can save you money on bills, and also give your home a new, fresh look.



Just a few quick and simple updates can dramatically change how you feel in your space. Fresh paint and rearranging can do wonders.


Add window treatments to bring a look of luxury into your home and motorize them with Somfy technology to ensure a larger return on your investment.

Back splashes

Installing back splashes is not only stylish, but also a great way to protect your walls from food stains, water damage and scratches caused by active cooks in the kitchen. They’re easy to clean, too, saving you the expense of having to re-paint the walls frequently.

Reusable plants

Home improvement projects aren’t just for the inside of your house — your landscaping might be on the list, too. To make the most of your landscaping, choose perennial plants you can propagate over the years, saving you the expense of needing to buy new or replacement plants.

This article is courtesy of Brandpoint.