Certainly, the colors of black and orange scream Halloween.

Yet Gary LaVasser, academic director in Set & Exhibit Design at The Art Institute of California, says to consider the combination of dark red and black.

At Halloween, any time black is used it represents scariness. Similarly, the dark red can be symbolic of blood. “Combine dark red arrangements of roses, cover them in black hat veiling, so you see the roses through the veil, and tie them together with black satin ribbon,” he suggested.



“If you want to go a little further, place the arrangement on an inexpensive black placemat and drip dark red nail polish from a few rose petals onto the placemat. It will look like the roses are bleeding.”

LaVasser also suggested using vintage Halloween toys from the 1930s, ’40s or ’50s as part of the design. If they are worn, they’ll have more character.

Or paint objects black that normally are not this color, like jack-o-lanterns or flowers. To make objects more interesting, select different black textures, such as glitter or metallic paints.

This article is courtesy of Brandpoint.