The dreaded “P” word in construction is permits — whether it involves a new, existing or renovating property. Every homeowner — and anyone involved from realtors to contractors — knows the hassle and headaches involved with obtaining a permit, as well as abiding by all of the accompanying regulations and guidelines.

In a past article, this topic was touched upon regarding the city’s Department of Planning & Permitting’s (DPP) new ePlans system. Honolulu ePlans, a fairly new program designed to electronically review building permit plans, was put into place to ease the process of permitting. Contrary to what some may believe, the use of ePlans does not slow down the permitting process. Benefits of utilizing ePlans are in the homeowner’s favor.


From the inception of ePlans in October of 2013, APAC LLC has been a strong advocate for the use of this new electronic permitting system, and has firmly believed in its ease of use, as well as its convenience, among other factors. Here are just a few of the advantages of using ePlans:


• Speeds up the reviewing wait time, as plans are reviewed simultaneously by various routed departments

• Produces quality set(s) of plans for DPP inspections and for future usage

• Provides virtual reviews and submission of plans 24/7 from your own computer

• Provides access to plans and comments from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection

• Eliminates the need to wait in line early in the morning for a service number


• Eliminates waiting in long lines at department counters

• Saves time, gas and mileage on your vehicles, not to mention parking fees

• Eliminates potential loss of paper plans en route from department to department

• Promotes “green” initiative by reducing printing/paper consumption

APAC LLC is not only there to ensure that the use of ePlans is more convenient for the homeowner, but will also be there to assist you in every step of the permitting process. APAC LLC staff are industry experts, well-versed in every aspect of the city’s new ePlans system, and will review your drawings to ensure that they are permit-ready, then upload the plans, track progress, assist in addressing corrections, and will even pick up the building permit for you.


As many who have gone through the process know, it can be daunting. Add new technology to it, and it becomes even tougher. APAC LLC will help you get your permits processed in a timely manner.

“Trying to navigate and adhere to the DPP standards was overwhelming and stressful. I was getting nowhere with my permit. I handed over the project to APAC LLC and they were able to get my permit in no time,” said client Kim Daniels.

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