My name is Les Wong, and I was born and raised in Honolulu. In June of 1983, I became a licensed general contractor and started doing small renovations and repair jobs.

My only daughter, Tanyce, was also born around the same time, so needless to say my days and nights were very busy, but also very enjoyable. Over the next several years, Wong Construction grew to where we could handle larger additions and even new homes.


Today, I employ a crew of four skilled craftsmen, including myself, and although I still consider us to be a small business, we are able to handle larger jobs. We have completed projects around the island of Oahu, from Makaha to Portlock, Hawaii Kai, and can do everything from termite repairs to million dollar homes.


We work with outstanding subcontractors — plumbers, electricians, etc. — and even draw plans and can design the home of your dreams. We also have great contacts that can provide financing, if the need arises.

On occasion, I hold an open house where the public can see our work and hear testimonies from satisfied customers. Currently, I am working in the Pearl City area, where I have completed five projects and will be starting a new, second story addition very soon.

Two of my clients, whose beautiful home is at the top of Kaahumanu Street, are David and Amy Kaneshiro. We built a second story addition above their existing garage and did some interior renovations. After job completion, we had many excellent comments about our work habits, subcontractors and the finished project itself.


Some of the Kaneshiros’ concerns were that the project had to be finished in time for their daughter’s wedding, as they would use the new addition for gatherings and parties. We, of course, met all of the deadlines, with time to spare.


The homeowners said, “If anyone was to ask us for a reputable contractor to recommend, the ‘Wong way’ would have to be the right way. We attended seminars, workshops and interviewed five contractors, and feel very satisfied with our completed renovation.”

They continued their praise, recalling that, “From concept discussions, design dreams to reality checks, from weather delays to meeting family-event timelines, Wong Construction has gone beyond our expectations. Daily updates were communicated, so no surprises, and project progress satisfied. Interesting that a home project can become a community conversation center. Passersby would comment on how amazing it was, how the project was progressing. Any change order recommended was for design betterment and long-term benefit. Remarkably, daily family function continued with minimal disruption. We are confident that these craftsmen are the neatest and most trustworthy workers you will ever experience. Please feel free to call us (Kaneshiros) at 393-6885.”

As you can see, after 30-plus years in the construction industry, Wong Construction still strives to do the best job possible, and always tries to satisfy every client. Thank you very much and remember, “Do it the Wong way!”

contact // 542-9664