Though the hype of new condos in town is still hot, there are some buyers who still desire their own parcel, their own roof and their own back yard. However, houses available on the local market may not be your dream home, or may be just flat out too expensive to repair.

What can you do? Some common options include renovating or repairing your home, adding on to your home to provide additional space or even rebuilding your home.


Drafting Solutions LLC can help guide you to make that decision as well as collaborate and work with you through the process. Drafting Solutions LLC has been privileged to work with different homeowners in renovating or building their new homes over the past nine years. The company understands that design is a process.

The first step in every project is to really understand the homeowners and their needs and desires. From there, Drafting Solutions LLC can guide owners to reach a design that reflects their identity and lifestyle.

The staff understands that design cannot be ironed out with a single meeting. Rather, it will require several meetings, phone calls and emails to arrive at a successful design solution.

Do you have a project that you are not sure how to approach? Drafting Solutions LLC provides complete design, drafting and permitting services for all of your planning needs.


Let the company’s expert staff assist you in creating your new and fresh dream home to enjoy for years. Give Drafting Solutions LLC a call for a free consultation at 352-2548.

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