The Bathroom Store has always been dedicated to delivering top quality brands to the Islands. With the recent success of the Fluid brand line of faucets in its Platinum Showroom in Hawaii, The Bathroom Store is excited to introduce the new Fluid line of shower valves and trims to complement these beautiful bathroom products.

The Fluid faucet cartridges are solidly made in Germany and Italy, while the shower thermostats are constructed with top French engineering. Fluid is a solid brass lifetime warranty fixture that the customer can immediately see and feel the difference in quality when compared to its competitors. With customers including Hilton, Clarion and Fairmont hotels, Fluid is a growing name in the plumbing industry.



Fluid pressure balance valves offer independent temperature and volume control, without having to use a thermostatic valve. This is particularly important for installations involving a bath tub or high-rise buildings that may not benefit from the upgrade to a thermostatic shower.

Most of us have been surprised by a sudden change in shower temperature after a toilet has been flushed by someone else. Thermostatic showers actually control the flow of hot and cold water using a thermostat to keep temperatures consistent despite changes in water pressure caused by flushing toilets, dishwashers, washing machines or even additional showers running at the same time.

This function is especially useful for families with small children, elderly members or those with sensitive skin. Made from the finest craftsmanship, Fluid showers offer elegant, sleek designs that demand to be noticed. With clean contemporary lines, Fluid fixtures are anything but traditional.


But looking great is only half the battle. Maintaining a lasting beauty for years of trouble-free use is top priority for Fluid products. Durability is only one of the reasons Fluid insists on a PVD finish for all of its brushed and polished nickel options.


PVD stands for physical vapor deposition, a process used to create a very durable, beautiful, corrosion- and tarnish-resistant finish. This process is more expensive than simple electroplating, but Fluid is committed to ensuring that your Fluid fixtures have the highest strength, abrasion resistance and durability available today. Fluid uses the PVD process for another reason: This manufacturing process produces the most beautiful, long-lasting and consistent finishes, while maintaining the lowest impact possible on the environment.

With top quality manufacturing and beautiful design and finish, Fluid showers and faucets are sure to enjoy continued success in Hawaii. Come visit the professionals at The Bathroom Store, Hawaii’s platinum Toto showroom, to learn more.

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