Established in 1968, JBL Hawaii LTD is the premier architectural door hardware supplier in Hawaii. With an impressive showroom and large local inventory, JBL is the only logical choice if you are looking for door-related hardware products.

The company features hardware products for both commercial and residential applications supported by the largest keying shop in the Islands, as well as products for every solution, including locks, closers, exit devices, hinges, sills, thresholds and much more. Also, JBL proudly houses brands from Schlage, Von Duprin, Hager and Stanley.


The company has an extensive electronic access control display featured in its showroom. Come and see how electronic door access control has evolved into a total security solution for any building environment. Now you can control any entry and have a record of who comes and goes — and a lot more.

JBL offers meeting rooms for contractors, architects and designers to conduct private construction meetings. And if you want to see, feel and touch a variety of high-end commercial and residential hardware solutions, JBL is one of the only places on the Island to accomplish that. Looking at a catalog or browsing online is no comparison to holding the actual product in your hand. JBL’s creative sales team can assure that you get the right product for the right opening.

JBL also operates a hollow metal commercial door and frame welding shop manned by talented craftsman. Local inventory and fabrication capability make JBL the one-stop-shop for hollow metal door products.

If you have a commercial building with rusting openings that need replacements or custom metal door fabrication for new construction, JBL can provide that service. Visit JBL’s impressive designer showroom at 905 Kokea St. in Honolulu between the hours of 6:30 a.m. and 4 p.m.

contact // 847-4021