Breezway, Hawaii’s global leader in louver windows and technology, recently invited us to its manufacturing facility in Halawa to “Apptivate!” So what does it mean to Apptivate? If you ask Breezway, they’ll tell you, “It’s living naturally in a cool and comfortable home at your fingertips.”

Apptivate essentially is a control system comprised of a blue tooth enabled, touch sensitive wall plate, paired with a free downloadable app for use on current iPhones, smartphones, iPads and other tablets. As the new heart and soul of the Powerlouver, Breezway’s motorized louver window system, Apptivate is due to be launched in Hawaii this fall, and is available to the public after receiving multiple national AWA awards in Australia a couple of weeks ago for “Most innovative component” and “Best use of windows and doors in commercial construction.”



The new system can also be retrofit into existing installed Powerlouver systems. Prior to Apptivate, if you wanted to automate your windows to work in conjunction with your air conditioning, or just open to release built-up heat, you would have to easily spend thousands on automation equipment and programming.

For most homeowners, an investment of this nature cannot be justified due to cost. When Breezway rolls out the Apptivate system this fall, homeowners will now have affordable access to all the benefits of automation, but at a substantial savings at more than a fraction of the cost of other systems.

Breezway recently installed a new demo unit in its Halawa showroom for homeowners to test drive the system’s functionality and features. When the system was tested, the ease of use of the touch sensitive wall plate control was really appreciated, and especially loved was the ability to use phones to remotely operate the window using the app.



Additional features include a temperature gauge that detects the ambient temperature of the room. This feature is programmed using the app, and you set the range of temperatures for when the Powerlouver is to open or close.

If it gets too hot, it opens. If it gets too cold, it closes. The last feature is the programmable timer. Using the app, you can program set times for your windows to open and close.

Imagine it’s been a long and hot day. You’re driving home dreading how hot your home will be since all the windows are closed. With Apptivate, the windows can be scheduled to open on your drive home, so you can be greeted when you walk through the door by a cool house.

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