QUESTION: I have some expansion and improvement plans for my life and want advice on how I can use my home to support this? I’m especially interested in mirror placement.

Whether the changes you want to make involve eating healthier, exercising more, starting a business, having more private time, being more productive, making more money or finding a mate, you can set up your home to support your expansion by using strategically placed mirrors.

The use of mirrors


Human beings have been using mirrors for protection or reflection for centuries.

In feng shui, a mirror brings in the energy of the water element (flow), helping to expand the environment while drawing in beneficial energy. Use the following guidelines to create flow and support and enhance your newly directed energy, remembering always to place mirrors so that they reflect something positive.

To visually expand the foyer, place a mirror at the entrance, preferably on one of the sidewalls. When placing a mirror on a wall directly facing the front door, pay special attention to what it reflects. It should reflect something pleasant, like trees and flowers, not your messy neighbors across the street.


Do you have space to hang a mirror in your living or dining area? If so, create a visually expansive space by placing the mirror so that it reflects the outdoors, bringing in unrestrained “growth energy.”

If you have narrow and cramped spaces in your home, like tight corners and narrow passageways, hang a mirror there to “open” the energy for expansion. It is also important to make sure the mirrors you hang do not reflect toilet doors (drain of energy), sharp edges and corners (cutting energy), bills (unwanted expenses), or old newspapers (the past). Mirrors should reflect only things you want to enhance.

Types of mirrors to put up

Use your common sense to determine the size of the mirror, and make sure it is not too big or too small for the wall. Framed or ornamental mirrors are great choices and allow you to pick a style that matches decor. To keep the bedroom energy calmer and more conducive to sleep, avoid adding mirrors, especially cracked and tile mirrors, as they create distorted reflections.

Personal energy flow


If you see no improvement in the direction that you want to move, check to see if you are losing your personal energy to others. If you feel tired, you may be saying yes to others when you need to say no. If you are building resentment toward those who ask things of you, look for ways to put more attention on yourself and your needs.

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