Since 2008, Island Cooling LLC has distributed almost 2,000 whole house fan systems throughout Hawaii. The company’s QuietCool™ system is installed in the attic, and is almost invisible to neighbors, making it a popular choice for homeowners associations and historic homes. Also, in 2014, the QuietCool™ Stealth Pro4.8 won the prestigious best in show award as the most innovative product at the International Builder Show held in Las Vegas.

Kamilla Maii was excited. She had tried a number of times to find an affordable, energy-efficient way to cool her newly built home. Air conditioning the open floor plan wasn’t even an option, and besides, her husband was against the idea. He said he didn’t want to be isolated from the outdoors or feel like they lived in an airplane.

Maii had been reading about the QuietCool™ whole house fan and decided to move forward, installing her system in July. Made up of two powerful fans installed in the attic wall of the large open beam area and two smaller units that specifically targeted the upstairs bedrooms, she’s been very pleased with the results. “It was just in time, too,” she said. “The summer heat is really intense from July through October — I’m so glad I didn’t wait.”


Installed in the attic of the home and controlled by a timer mounted on the wall, the whole house fan is used to bring cool air inside the home by drawing heat out of the living space and pushing trapped hot air out of the attic. Though the technology has been around for decades, it was overlooked for a number of years in favor of air conditioning. Now, with a renewed emphasis on efficiency, whole house fans are being rediscovered.

Debra Caswell grew up with a whole house fan in the ’50s. Back then, she remembered it being the only way to cool the house. In 2011, she moved into her home in Lahaina and began to research cooling options for the two-story dwelling.

“I found Island Cooling and their selection of fans. Both Ivan and Al Whitworth were incredibly helpful, answering and researching my questions,” she said. “I purchased the QuietCool™ model and love it. It went in easily, and is even quieter than air conditioning. It cools and freshens the house, both upstairs and down.”

“Homeowners today are more aware of the need for energy efficiency, and are actively looking for better ways to cool their homes,” said Ivan. “Plus, the whole house fan is a perfect fit for our island lifestyle. Rather than having to close windows and doors and hiding out with chilled air, the whole house fan takes advantage of natural airflow and allows us to live a more open life.”

Chris and Christina Takenami of Kapolei were also motivated to find an energy-efficient way to cool their home.


West Oahu can be very hot during the day, but the community they live in has a number of folks with whole house fans installed. A chat with their neighbors, who had been using their system since 2012, gave them the confidence that the whole house fan would work for them too.

“Our QuietCool™ system has been working wonderfully!” Christina said. “We are enjoying our cool nights without having to run the AC. Our home is no longer stuffy and hot thanks to Island Cooling!”

Island Cooling LLC is Hawaii’s resource for QuietCool™ whole house fan systems, Eshield™ radiant barrier insulation, and the Trio Portable Air Purification™, equipped with a photo catalytic converter that neutralizes volcanic and other organic gases, as well as filtering dust and mold.

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