With the recent close calls presented by then-hurricanes Iselle and Julio, local residents are reminded to address key vulnerabilities present within their homes to prevent potentially catastrophic damage in the future.

The skilled professionals at HK Construction are available to assist clients with building new and enhancing existing structures with the goal of making one’s home an enjoyable, safe living space for generations to come. For more than 40 years, HK Construction has continued to keep local families on the forefront of operations as the fourth-generation family business incorporates quality products and the talents of experienced builders and designers throughout each project.


“The structures of some older homes in Hawaii are substandard according to current building codes,” said Alan Twu, vice president of HK Construction. “When faced with the recent hurricanes, many homeowners wondered how their homes would stand up to that kind of weather.”

Twu explained that many homes built generations ago feature post-and-pier construction, which involves a series of posts mounted on concrete slabs or blocks to distribute the weight of the structure. Over time, this lightweight construction style that was often utilized in tropical climates, where the potential for flooding is high, leads to greater vulnerability as posts wear away or shift off-center. These issues are usually apparent by the appearance of cracks in the corners of floors or ceilings.

Homeowners are encouraged to check their home insurance policy to ensure it is up to date. Twu explained that remodeling or rebuilding a home to include structural improvements, such as double-wall construction, can pay dividends in the long run by both lowering insurance premiums and creating a safer living environment.

“The recent hurricane scare should spark homeowners to assess what needs to be done to strengthen the home, or if it’s at the point where it’s not going to last through heavy weather, that’s something we can take a look at and advise them about so they feel safe,” Twu explained.


Those interested in resolving problems that may have been pushed to the back-burner in previous years are encouraged to contact the HK Construction team and set up a free estimate.

“We want residents to be proactive when it comes to addressing issues within their home,” Twu said. “Our goal is to offer solutions aimed at preserving their house for many years to come.”

A good first step in learning about the home building process and what can be done to one’s existing home is to attend one of HK Construction’s home building seminars. Attendees can have their questions answered at that time and also set up a free on-site assessment at their home. Call 841-1800 for reservations to attend the next seminar.

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