Not everyone wants the lowest priced cabinets that money can buy, and there are lots of them out there. There are more buyers in the marketplace who want a higher quality, domestically manufactured cabinet with great designer features, lots of stain or paint choices and a number of wood species and door styles.

Honsador Lumber offers all of these options in one of its premier cabinet lines, DeWils, a fine cabinet manufacturer that stands behind its name. It doesn’t cut corners, and it takes pride in the quality of its work.


DeWils believes that beauty is in the details — that the incredible feel of the finish can only be achieved by controlling the process every step of the way. Thus, the company always begins with the selection of raw materials (its lumber comes from FSC certified suppliers), then the wood is milled, cut and joined within the company’s Vancouver, Wash. plant.


Sanding between steps enables the assurance of ultimate smoothness, and the company hand-rubs its stains for consistent color, as well as to reveal the depth of the grain and its natural beauty.

DeWils is more than a family business. It’s a cherished tradition of fine cabinetmaking that has spanned three generations for more than 50 years. It includes an extended family of employees, designers and craftsmen — all of whom take great pride in the cabinets they create. At DeWils, the standards are high because that’s what the company expects from a product.

DeWils custom cabinetry has a perfect style for you, whether it’s simple or stately. So, if you are a discriminating homeowner who wants a kitchen significantly a cut above the imports, DeWils is your answer.

Take your plans, ideas and wishes to Honsador Lumber, DeWils’ premier dealer in Hawaii, and have the company design a kitchen you’ll be proud to call your own. Full of quality cabinets in just the color you want, with all the bells and whistles, Honsador has it all.

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