Honesty, integrity and upholding high ethical standards are key elements of Windows Hawaii’s success. It’s the reason why general manager Mario Garcia said the company was voted first place for windows replacement in Hawaii’s Best 2014, a People’s Choice Award given by the Honolulu Star-Advertiser.

The recognition has put the company front and center, drawing new customers and boosting business. But it’s also garnered attention from other window replacement companies.


Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. It’s understandable that when a company does well, competing businesses want to follow that lead. But problems arise when competitors resort to unethical behavior in order to emulate a company’s success.

Unfortunately, it’s a common occurrence and something Garcia said that customers need to be aware of. “I have been running across some disturbing information while selling. It seems other companies are saying they are affiliated with Windows Hawaii, just to close the deal,” he said.

Businesses concerned solely with making a sale can easily take advantage of trusting customers. Make sure you arm yourself with the following information before you commit to any windows replacement company.

Know that Windows Hawaii is the only Anlin and CraneBoard authorized distributors on the island. Verify that any products you purchase come with a manufacturer’s warranty. “Check to see if the dealer you’re working with is authorized to sell its products in your area,” said Garcia.

Products purchased with a warranty from the dealer, but not from the manufacturer, will be covered while the dealer is in operation. But what happens if the dealer goes out of business? Unfortunately, you will be stuck with an unusable warranty. “Manufacturers will not honor a warranty, unless it was sold by an authorized dealer,” explained Garcia.

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