The Bathroom Store, Hawaii’s largest TOTO distributor, is excited to display the newest products in their Dillingham showroom. Among them, TOTO’s new versatile AeroJet+ Technology transforms the daily shower into a luxurious experience that makes bathers feel more clean and alive, while conserving water.

AeroJet+ Technology

TOTO’s AeroJet+ uses patented air-injection technology, to increase the volume of water in each droplet by innovatively drawing air in through the showerhead and pumping it into the water droplet, enlarging and increasing their volume. Hawaii (with its high levels of calcium in the water) will benefit from this technology, since the aeration is unaffected by calcium deposits, unlike other air injected products on the market. This ensures bathers always feel as if they are being encased in far more warm water than they are actually using, making their experience extremely pleasurable, while also reducing water consumption. To further enhance their showering experience, at intervals, AeroJet+ generates invigorating, short bursts of pulsating water.

Aero rain showers


The Aero Shower System’s rain shower-heads are as well-designed on the outside as they are on the inside. Flowing at a planet-friendly 2.5 gallons per minute (gpm), they are available in classic and modern designs. They offer 8-inch and 12-inch diameter spray faces, and may be mounted from the ceiling or wall.


Aero handshowers

The Aero handshowers offer AeroJet+ technology, to dramatically increase the water’s volume, while decreasing its consumption. Offering two different flow rates that respect our water supply — 2.0 gpm or 2.5 gpm — they feature cascading flow and Gryrostream spray modes.

Cascading flow produces a broad stream of water reminiscent of a small waterfall, to warm and soothe the entire body for long-lasting relaxation. Gyrostream is TOTO’s patented water massage technology, in which the jets evenly pulsate the water as it leaves the hand-shower, to massage and invigorate the body.

The Aero handshowers are offered in classic and modern designs. They are available in a single-mode 5-inch spray face with AeroJet+ technology; and a multi-spray mode 5-inch spray face with AeroJet+, cascading flow and Gyrostream.


An example of TOTO’s People-Centered Design philosophy, these hand-held units are extremely easy to use. Bathers can easily switch between the spray modes with a mere touch of a button.



Wall-mounted Gyrostream bodysprays can be added to supplement the Aero rain shower and handshowers for a therapeutic, stimulating massage function.

Shape Memory Alloy valves

To ensure that bathers experience uninterrupted showering pleasure — without the fear of drastic water temperature changes or scalding — the Aero Shower System incorporates TOTO’s Shape Memory Alloy (SMA) valves. Unlike other showers, the Aero Shower System features complete water cessation when turned off — no residual water loss through drips or leaking, and no staining or scaling.

Thanks to its wide range of options, TOTO’s Aero Shower System offers an ideal solution to meet everyone’s shower needs — from people who take quick, efficient showers, to those who enjoy a longer, more luxuriating experience. Now, both showering styles conserve water by reducing consumption.


Visit the expert staff at The Bathroom Store, and see all of the many new products TOTO has to offer.

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