I just returned from my honeymoon. My husband, Scott, and I had an amazing time in Thailand and are slowly adjusting back to “normal” life.

Now, I’m slowly counting down the days until summer’s end and the new school year’s beginning. With the wedding, honeymoon and out-of-town visitors, this summer has blown by, leaving me with little time to tackle my never-ending to-do list.

I’ve decided to prioritize and focus on the must-dos. At the top of the list is reorganizing the master bath. Once school starts, life will return to a frenetic pace, and a little bit of organization will help to save time (and my sanity). If you have a bathroom that could benefit from a little re-arranging and organizing, consider some of these tricks for maximizing time and space:

• Shelf it. Make use of double-duty hardware, such as a shelf-towel rack. This type of rack is one piece that incorporates shelving above a towel bar. Not only can it serve as a place to hang your towel, but the shelf above can hold anything from extra towels to decorative photos or a clock.


• Tip out. Make use of the false-drawer fronts. Purchase a tip-out drawer kit from the hardware store to help you get started. Then, use the space to store small items like toothbrushes and toothpaste.

• Revamp. Open up your vanity by removing cabinet doors. Install vertical and horizontal shelving inside to separate the space. Then, add decorative storage bins to keep your essentials tidy. Label the bins and keep like items together to save time searching for them later.

• Contain yourself. Use clear jars to store things like cotton swabs, bath salts and cotton balls. The uniformity will make the space seem cleaner, and being able to see inside will give you a nice heads-up for when it’s time to restock.

• Repurpose. Kitchen storage solutions work great in the bathroom. In particular, wall-mounted utensil holders help to get things up and off the counter. Use them for items such as dental tools or makeup brushes.

• Hook up. If you need somewhere to stash extra towels, robes or swimsuits, towel hooks can do the trick. They are inexpensive, easy to install, and take up minimal space.

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