Years ago, I put together a closet-organization system in a local storage-solution store. I had never done it before, but I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly and easily it came together. If you are looking for a quick, rewarding project for this long weekend, installing a closet-organization system may be the perfect job for you.

First, clean out what you’ve got. Make piles for what you will keep, what you can give away to friends or charity, what you should toss and what you can sell.

When your closet is empty, assess your space. Measure twice, noting height, width and depth. While you are at it, use a stud finder and note where studs lie along the wall. Create a rough sketch, noting your measurements of the overall space, as well as spaces between the studs.



Next, take measurements of how long certain items, like dresses or pants, will need to hang and approximately how much width you’ll need to fit them on a rod. Ideally, you will want to mix and match varying heights and storage options.

Now, with your sketch and measurements in hand, go shopping. When perusing closet systems, pay attention to materials, ease of installation and sizing. Some systems come with predetermined sizes that you may not be able to cut to fit. Others, such as the freedomRail line and other rail-mount systems, allow you to choose components so that you can customize the system to the necessary dimensions.

Talk to the store’s consultants about how to go about installing your particular system. Some systems even come with videos that demonstrate what to do, step-by-step. Whatever the case, make sure to read the instructions thoroughly, and prepare any necessary tools before beginning.

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