Homeowners are not the only ones who have to deal with the hassle of tent fumigation to rid their homes of drywood termites.

For years, Akamai Pest Solutions has been treating many other types of structures for drywood termites. Tenting used to be the only method available to treat all structures, but now that XT-2000 is on the scene, everyone has a safer, less intrusive option.


Traditionally when a shopping center, school or condominium complex treated for drywood termites, they had to do the usual preparations, such as bagging food, taking out live plants, putting condo tenants up in a hotel and inconveniencing business owners by having them close shop for a few days. This is no longer necessary because Akamai Pest Solutions can come in and treat any type of structure and work around the tenants, businesses and even schools, without exposing customers to toxic gas. Akamai has treated shopping centers, strip malls, condominium complexes, military buildings, schools, national parks and historical buildings, churches and temples — and has done so without inconveniencing the customers or tenants.


California recently changed its laws that had previously required a three day process for fumigation, which can really be inconvenient. Will this eventually find its way to Hawaii? Only time will tell.

Akamai Pest Solutions continues to grow, educating its customers about termites and the options of treatment, and more and more of them are choosing the safer alternative of orange oil. Most customers have heard of orange oil being used in many other types of products and are excited about the idea of this product being used to kill termites as well, because they are already familiar with it. But even those who aren’t familiar with orange oil are relieved that there is a safer alternative to fumigation.


Before automatically deciding to fumi-gate your residential, commercial or other type of structure, call or email Akamai Pest Solutions for a free consultation. And remember to think green and treat orange.

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