Pacific Islands Solar believes that consumers need to know about the quality of the solar module that they are considering, prior to purchasing. Fortunately, new independent testing of the top solar modules have just been published according to GTM Research.

These extensive tests covered six critical areas for module performance, with three category ratings from best to poorest, and only one company performed as best performer in all six tests. Some companies were in the top group for some tests, but performed lower in the other tests.


So what did these tests reveal? Most solar modules are not made as well, or with as consistent quality as claimed. Also, depending on where you live, choosing what module manufacturer to use for your climate is really important, especially when considering long term performance. Since Hawaii has one of the harshest environments for solar modules, you need to install equipment that is built to handle its unique conditions. There is salt from the ocean to consider, as well as ammonia from volcanic activity, high humidity, yearlong heat and UV conditions, just to name a few.


So what company rated as a top performer in all six tests? Kyocera, a Japanese company with more than 38 years of making solar modules. Pacific Islands Solar has been recommending Kyocera modules to its customers for the sole reason that it believes they are the best-made products in the industry — and now the facts prove it. The test regimen shows that Kyocera modules are robust, with consistent quality in all the key areas for solar module performance.

As consumers, don’t be fooled by marketing claims that the warranties will protect you if failure or underperforming systems occur, because these documents have many out clauses, protecting the manufacturer from liability. The best guarantee that anyone considering solar can have, is the quality built into the product, and now it’s known that the clear leader is Kyocera solar modules, built for Hawaii’s climate needs.


Pacific Islands Solar is more than just a solar contractor. It’s a roofing contractor, and also a general contractor, so the company knows how to properly seal your roof. It offers a free, five-year cleaning and maintenance program, along with a 10-year system installation warranty. Call 841-7756, to find out more about Kyocera solar modules and how Pacific Islands’ intelligent approach to solar is different than the competition.

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