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For many homeowners, it’s time for a change, and locally owned, nationally recognized Hawaii Energy Connection LLC is leading the movement. The company works passionately to offer affordable energy solutions through its KumuKit™ brand of products, because it understands that renewable energy is an inevitable part of our future.


For those who are building a new home, replacing their old thermal solar water heating systems or have not adopted solar water heating yet, look no further. Hawaii Energy Connection has recently added the next-generation technology in water heating to its KumuKit’s PV (photovoltaic) line of products — micro-grid solar electric water heating. The concept is very simple. KumuKit’s PV panels take the sun’s natural energy to power your hot water system instead of depending on the utility’s grid power, cutting costs and creating a reliable source for hot water in your household. If you are currently in an over-saturated grid area or unable to get PV installed at this time, this may be the option to get you started with solar and to start saving money immediately. The best part is that you do not need approval from the utility to connect.

The installation is simple, and the PV system works without the excess pipes and pumps required in older thermal solar water heating systems. Unlike thermal heating systems, which must pump water from the tank to the roof for heating, KumuKit’s PV micro-grid system skips this step, delivering solar electricity directly to the hot water tank, providing a much simpler process for heating water. Co-owner Steve Godmere said it best, “Why bring water to your roof, when you can bring the sun’s energy directly to your tank?”


“Hawaii Energy Connection has been recognized in Inc. magazine’s Top 500 fastest growing companies in the U.S. for two years in a row in 2012 and 2013 and is anticipating a third this year,” Kyle Funasaki of marketing proudly stated. The company also has an A+ rating in the BBB (Better Business Bureau) and continues to offer quality products and services to the families and businesses of Hawaii.

The renewable energy movement has helped many families in Hawaii save money. With its latest KumuKit PV micro-grid water heating system, together with other KumuKit branded products, Hawaii Energy Connection is fulfilling its commitment to offer next-generation energy solutions to its customers.

Come visit Hawaii Energy Connection (Booth 650C) at the next BIA-Hawaii “Remodel it Right, Remodel it Green” Expo Sept. 5-7 at Blaisdell Arena to start saving money and energy.

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