In light of tropical storms Iselle and Julio visiting the Hawaiian Islands, RevoluSun is proud to welcome the newest member of its ohana: The Sunny Boy TL-US series inverter. The Sunny Boy can generate energy when the sun is out, even if the power grid is down. As many have experienced in Hawaii, a heavy rain or windstorm can shut down the power grid for hours during the day. The inverter has a 120-volt outlet that allows you to access power directly from that outlet — so you can plug in household appliances, cell phones, computers and those handy iPads that keep the kids entertained on a stormy day. This inverter offers up to 1,500 watts of daytime power and is HECO approved.

As exciting as the inverter is for RevoluSunaries, there are some key items to know about solar in Hawaii right now:

Timing is important


“Over the last few years, we have witnessed a number of changes to the incentive structure for solar systems,” director of sales Gregg Murphy explained. “The takeaway from this and what we have heard from the general public is that the best time to install a solar system was ‘yesterday.’ With recent policy changes from HECO, we can expect to see the incentive structure continue to change, so we encourage people to move forward with their solar systems as soon as possible.”


The grid is good

Solar customers still want help navigating HECO’s new rules that determine how saturated a grid is in each neighborhood. While there are still many areas on Oahu that are unsaturated, those neighborhoods that are considered saturated will only incur an additional three to six months added on to the process. “Solar PV is still accessible and affordable — some areas will just take a little longer to process than others if studies or upgrades are needed,” RevoluSun Principal Eric Carlson maintained. “Even if extra steps are needed and a couple months are added to the process, solar will continue to benefit your family for a lifetime.”

Protection is key

RevoluSun is a CertainTeed certified installer, and with 70 percent of Hawaii roofs warrantied by CertainTeed, “our installation will not void the CertainTeed roof warranty, as many warranties are voided once holes are drilled in the roof,” said Murphy.

You have the power


“Change electric providers and save 30-50 percent on your electric bill,” stated Murphy. “RevoluSun customers actually have a choice: You could get the exact same amount of power you are receiving from HECO and save 30-50 percent by buying or leasing your own PV system to harness solar. It’s cleaner and smarter power.”

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