HK Construction is built on a foundation of quality craftsmanship, incorporation of client feedback and completion of projects on time — the perfect formula for turning a dream home into a reality.

The design-build company is readily available to take a customer’s designs and ideas, and turn that concept into an enjoyable living space, crafted to last for generations to come. For more than 40 years, HK Construction has kept local families in mind, as the fourth-generation family business incorporates quality products and the talents of experienced designers and builders throughout each project.


With Hawaii’s unique ohana culture, in which family members care for young or elderly relatives amid multigenerational households, HK Construction puts an emphasis on building or re-building homes for customers looking to create more interior space to accommodate their growing families. These types of building projects encompass children moving back home with kids of their own, as well as focus on allowing older residents to “age in place,” by creating a safer environment for the elderly, without sacrificing their freedom or lessening their mobility.


“Every home gets the same attention to detail, as if it was our very own home, and we treat homeowners we work with as our ohana,” said Alan Twu, vice president of HK Construction. “We want to help customers plan for the future, and our experience level can allow for flexibility, whether it be creating more common areas for families to share or separate living areas for more privacy. Options also include reducing changes in elevation by possibly removing stairs or changing slopes in certain places, to allow elderly residents to move around the house more efficiently.”

HK Construction is well-versed in completing various projects, with a focus on keeping lifestyles of all family members intact. Hawaii’s unique topography includes slopes and hillsides, along with limited space for expansion, and poses building and design challenges that HK Construction has routinely conquered seamlessly.


Various design elements become important factors when facing these challenging issues, but HK’s vast experience, gleaned from building on Oahu over nearly half a century, allows the business to guide the homeowners through the process, netting what results in the most economical and functional home possible. As homeowners become aware of multiple building materials and their diverse methods of installation, the skilled staff at HK Construction takes the time to explain the pros and cons of the various materials that work best with the specific property.

HK Construction’s designers average 15 years of experience in remodeling kitchens and bathrooms, and are members of the National Kitchen & Bath Association, as well as the American Society of Interior Designers — a noteworthy distinction that provides valuable peace of mind for homeowners.

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