Getting a building permit. Not your favorite thing to do? Now, the steps to obtain them may seem easier.


Instead of spending time waiting at the Building Department, plans for new residential and commercial buildings are uploaded, reviewed and routed online.

But that doesn’t mean that it actually is easier. In the case of applying for and being granted permits, you want to be sure you are doing everything right.

Permitting can be quite a tricky thing, but since October 2013, the City and County of Honolulu’s Department of Planning & Permitting (DPP) launched ePlans. Honolulu ePlans is a program designed to electronically review building permit plans (



While steps on their site look easy enough, and it was designed to make it easier for everyone involved, it takes a while to learn the system and get used to it. “There are a lot of new requirements and standards that plans need to abide by in order for projects to get approved,” said Kendall Wong of APAC LLC, a locally owned and operated permit-expediting company that offers its assistance in this process.

The staff are experts, well-versed in every aspect of the city’s new ePlans system, and will review your drawings to ensure that they are permit-ready, upload the plans, track the progress, assist in addressing corrections and even pick up the building permit for you.

Homeowners, Realtors and even contractors benefit from the services offered at APAC LLC. “When it comes to computers, I am very technologically illiterate. Instead of spending hours trying to learn this new system, I find it a lot easier and faster to have APAC take my plans, from beginning to end, to get my permits. They always give me the peace of mind that my projects will get permitted in a timely matter, with the least amount of stress,” said Mike Santana, general contractor.


Always there to save you from the headache, APAC LLC will do everything to handle your permit expedition, from beginning to end. Said Wong, “To save people who are not familiar with this new process a lot of headaches, APAC can help alleviate most of your stress.”

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