It’s more important than ever to keep the needs of all family members in mind when undertaking a renovation project, especially in a key room like the bathroom. Here are a few areas for attention when you’re upgrading a bathroom for the whole family:

Safer, more satisfying showering

If your family has older members, grab bars in the shower are necessary for safety. They can also be helpful for youngsters learning to manage the shower on their own.


A safer shower doesn’t end with grab bars, however. Have you ever considered the safety — not to mention ease of use — of the shower door?

New technology from Sterling improves the usability and safety of an often-overlooked part of the shower experience — the door track. The Comfor-Track is a flexible bottom track that bends under applied pressure, making it easier and more comfortable to bathe a child (or pet), and virtually eliminating the unpleasant scrapes that can occur with metal tracks.

And since durability and cleaning ease are essential in bathrooms that see a lot of use from multiple generations, consider a shower unit that installs without the hassle of caulking, reduces leak risks and reduces maintenance and cleaning time. Shower surrounds like Sterling’s new Ensemble Medley product are simple to install and easier to clean.To further enhance safety in the shower, install slip-resistant flooring, and consider a device that prevents unexpected temperature changes — and potential scalding — in showers and faucets.


Lightening up for everyone


Like any room in your home, the bathroom benefits from layers of lighting. Overhead lighting should keep the room well illuminated for showering and bathing, when you need more light. Lighting around and/or above the mirror is essential for detail work, like applying makeup or shaving.

You’ll also want sources of gentler light for nighttime bathroom visits. Keeping lights low can help make it easier for bathroom users to return to sleep.

Natural light is another welcome addition. Consider window frosting, or even a skylight, to admit light while preserving modesty.

Making it personal for all


In bathrooms where people share space, it’s important to make everyone feel at home. Giving each person a dedicated storage spot ensures he or she will feel at home and the bathroom will stay organized. Enhance the welcoming feeling by including personal touches like monogrammed towels, or even framed art created by the kids.

This article is courtesy of Brandpoint.