Traveling inspires golden memories, and this guide to keepsakes helps bring them home

I always write this column at least a few days ahead of time. But, this time around, I’m doing so with butterflies in my stomach.

By the time you read this, I will officially be Mrs. Loos. It will be the day after I marry my best friend, Scott, and we will be winding down our wedding festivities, eagerly awaiting our departure for our honeymoon.


We wanted to pick a place that would encompass two of our favorite things: Island-style living and make-your-mouth-water cuisine. Koh Samui, Thailand, here we come!

This is going to be one of the best times of our lives, and we will want to bring home some mementos, to help us cherish those memories. Incorporating travel finds into the home can be a fun and relatively easy task — if you plan ahead.

Thinking about the things you need, before you leave, will give you something to browse for when traversing street markets and boutiques. Think of items that you need around the home, that will allow you to combine function, style and memories.


Remember to be specific in your quest. Take note of dimensions, if you need to. Here are some items that I’ll keep in mind as we go:



We have 20 by 20 inch throws, with removable cases that can easily be swapped. Pillowcases are easy to find, relatively inexpensive and, most importantly, foldable and lightweight, which makes them a cinch to pack. Throw blankets also are easy to pack, as well as being something we can easily incorporate into our living room or guest room.


Speaking of our guest room, it has a blank wall that is begging for a pop of color. I’ll be on the lookout for a piece that’s around 19 by 27 inches and capable of being rolled and packed. I will keep my eyes peeled for posters, maps, paintings and even tapestries.

House slippers

We all know that in Hawaii, we remove our shoes before entering any home. But we also know how hard it is to keep our feet clean when we have hard floors. An exotic pair of house slippers will not only help keep my tootsies clean, but it can also serve as a conversation piece and colorful accent to our decor.


Whether it’s a ceramic mug, a hand-painted serving platter, a set of salad bowls or even a small drinking glass, dishware can not only be easy to find, but it’s also something you are almost guaranteed to use, if you choose it wisely.


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