There could never be a better time to install your solar photovoltaic (PV) system than right now. Many folks in Hawaii apparently agree. “Recently, Hawaii was ranked No. 1 in the nation for solar watts per customer,” said John Yeh, director of Risource Energy, one of Hawaii’s top solar companies.

“There are many reasons for this besides Hawaii’s abundant sunshine,” Yeh added, citing the points below:


• At 37 cents per kWh, Hawaii has the highest electricity rates in the nation.

• Generous state and federal tax incentives are available now (the federal tax credit expires at the end of 2016). “These incentives substantially reduce a homeowner’s net cost for a rooftop PV system,” Yeh said.

• “The sooner you act, the sooner you start saving,” Yeh added. Many average size homes, he explained, can save around $300 per month on energy bills, which could pay for the homeowner’s uncredited, up-front investment in less than three years.



• Prices for PV panels and installation have decreased 15-20 percent during the past 15 months.

• Every PV system needs HECO approval before the installation process can proceed. “We advise homeowners to let us help you start the process now, so you can get in line while grid capacity issues are resolved,” Yeh noted.

Yeh suggested choosing the right PV panel to maximize savings. “Risource Energy is the only company in Hawaii that offers the superior next-generation, CIS solar panels manufactured in Japan by Solar Frontier,” Yeh said.


“CIS panels, made from copper, indium and selenium, are up to 14 percent more efficient than conventional crystalline silicon panels,” he explained. “That greater efficiency adds up to greater savings for you.”

The Risource Energy team is ready to answer your questions and get you saving money, now. Please call the company today at 843-8100.

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