Consumers generally do not understand the issues with PV modules and their construction. As a result, there has been a flood of modules that have come on the market, claiming to be just as good as, or better, than others.

New testing is being done to prove the bankability of solar modules and manufacturers’ long term warranty claims. Well-known names for other consumer products have brought products into the market, and consumers have assumed that these products must be good.


The fact is that they are not, and new, extensive testing indicates that the problems have a timetable to surface in around seven to eight years. As a result of heavy financial losses, due to Chinese manufacturers flooding the market with low cost and lower quality products, manufacturers of solar modules have lost millions of dollars. The financial pressures have caused quality issues, as manufacturers struggle to construct a product that can be competitive in the low cost, low quality marketplace.


Another fallacy in the industry is that solar equipment does not need to be maintained. PV modules need to be cleaned to remove dirt, salt, etc. that affects system performance and degrades equipment.

Roof penetration needs to be inspected, to ensure a watertight condition. Loose equipment needs to be secured and inspected, to ensure that the system will withstand high winds.

Electrical connections should be examined for arching and other signs fatal to a PV system. Be cautious about applying coatings on PV modules that will void the manufacturers’ warranty, since they must be approved first in writing, prior to application.

Guarantees with loopholes are a common theme, providing the consumer with a false sense of protection. Pacific Islands Solar believes that the quality of the manufacturer, historically, and the quality of the installation are stronger guarantees.



Pacific Islands Solar recommends Kyocera solar modules, a company that has been in the solar industry for over 37 years. Most companies have been in solar for less than 10 years, and do not have any other product to guarantee long-term viability.

Kyocera produces products in many industries, and has been known historically for high quality ceramic materials. Recent testing of the top tier solar manufacturers confirmed Kyocera quality, as it was the only manufacturer to test in the top percent of all six tests.

Pacific Islands Solar offers sales, system cleaning and maintenance of PV systems. If you are interested in having your system inspected, or are considering a PV system for your home, give Pacific Islands Solar a call at 841-7756.

Pacific Islands Solar is more than just a solar contractor, as a roofing contractor, it understands how to properly seal the roof penetration made in your roof, protecting your home from leaks and keeping your roof warranty in place.


The company guarantees your roof not to leak from its installation for a period of seven years, the system installation for 10 years, and provides five years free of cleaning/maintenance with every installation. Pacific Islands Solar is a company that tries to protect its customers from the issues faced, by using only the best equipment and installation practices. It is offering specials this month on selective systems. Check out the company website at

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