Summer has arrived, and with it comes the higher temperatures and humidity, which leaves you yearning for an air-conditioning (A/C) system that is reliable and runs efficiently, with minimal impact on your electricity bill.

Smart Energy Hawaii has been meeting this need with its Solar Cool solar air-conditioning system, which has many benefits including easy installation, since the utility has put the brakes on activation of PV systems in high-penetration areas — with no guarantee when approval will be given.

No delay in installation and activation

Since the Solar Cool panel doesn’t generate electricity like a PV panel, there are no regulations with the utility in its activation, and with a single Solar Cool panel able to run up to four multi-split units for an average-sized house in Hawaii, it’s a flexible solution for homeowners who want to cool down only a couple of rooms, with each unit operating independent of each other. Not only does Smart Energy offer multi-split models, but also central systems, applicable for business owners who require their air-conditioning systems to run during business hours or full-time.

Reliability and guarantee


The system is made in the USA, and is covered by a 10-year parts and labor warranty.

Tax credits

Similar to PV, the Solar Cool system is eligible for tax credits — 30 percent federal tax credit and 35 percent state tax credit (installation of the system).

Reduce your A/C electrical bill

Cut your A/C electrical bill by 40-60 percent using the Solar Cool system.

Invitation to experience a Solar Cool system

Still have questions, or want to see a system in action and talk to homeowners who use Solar Cool? Call 373-4559, or email, and the company will arrange an Open House at your convenience. Smart Energy Hawaii is owned by Myron Thompson, and is celebrating its 10-year anniversary, serving the residents of Hawaii by fulfilling their renewable energy needs. The company is committed to continuing to provide the highest quality products and service to the residents of Hawaii, now and into the future.

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