Summer is here and the kids are out of school. For many homeowners, the long summer days prove to be a great time to spruce up their homes.

Whether doing a complete renovation or minor changes, it can be exciting, but can also be a stressful time when you decide to renovate and make changes to your home. Hiring a reliable and qualified contractor is just the beginning of a home renovation project; you also have to worry about getting the proper permits to lawfully complete the work.


The necessary but tedious task of permitting is something that no one looks forward to. You trust that when a contractor is hired to complete the work you are having done, that the contractor will also get all of the necessary permits for the work. However, sometimes that is not the case.


Homeowners Philip and Naomi Peters recently went through a very trying situation, when renovations on their home took their emotions from excitement and anticipation of the finished product, to worry and despair. Said Philip, “Our house was recently cited by the city because of some renovation work I had done without a building permit. The contractor I used promised us that he would take care of everything.”

It was excruciating for the Peters, as days turned into weeks, without any word from the contractor — even after they told the contractor of the fines that were imposed on them.”He stopped answering our calls or emails. Not knowing anything about the permitting process, I called APAC LLC for help,” said Philip.

APAC LLC was able to help the Peters complete the necessary paperwork and legwork to end the daily mounting fines, and put an immediate stop to the stress involved with a contractor who left them on their own to face their permit problem. Said Philip, “In a short amount of time, they were able to get the proper building permits for us and put an end to the daily recurring fines issued by the city. We are so thankful to APAC LLC for their professionalism and efficiency in handling our dilemma. The next time we do any renovations to our home, we are going to call APAC and get the job done right the first time!”

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