The BIA Renaissance Building and Remodeling Awards, established in 1986, celebrates excellence in design and construction of new and remodeled projects in Hawaii.

This showcase recognizes competing categories including New and Remodeled Residential Building, New and Remodeled Commercial Building, Kitchen & Bath, Landscape, Outdoor Living, High Rise Lifestyle Residential, High Rise Lifestyle Commercial, Public Works, Hawaii Built-Green™ and Historical. The 29th annual Awards Ceremony was held May 27-28, and entrants from Maui and Oahu represented an exciting year of statewide participation.

The entries were judged on creativity, use of materials, environmental and sustainability, functionality, design principles, value, interior space, overall quality and workmanship. The highlight of the awards ceremony was the recognition of the top four Overall Grand Awards and the Carl Reppun Award.

2014 Carl Reppun Award winner, "Peaceful Plantation at Kainui Place" by Mokulua High Performance Builder.

2014 Carl Reppun Award winner, “Peaceful Plantation at Kainui Place” by Mokulua High Performance Builder.


Today’s column will feature the winner of the Carl Reppun Award in the LEED® Certified Residential Division, Mokulua High Performance Builder for “Peaceful Plantation at Kainui Place.”

This LEED® Platinum Certified home, built on the site of the deconstructed original residence, is an excellent example of efficient and durable quality in building that was achieved on a strict budget. This is a healthy place to live, with the incorporation of NO-VOC products including interior paint and adhesives, cabinetry, trim and 100 percent solid surface flooring.

Humidity sensing and control measures, tied to exhaust and continuous ventilation strategies, keep a constant flow of fresh air and prevent stagnant air build-up. The home was wrapped with Therma Wrap insulate vapor barrier, and it made use of Tech-Shield paired with an Energy-Star roof shingle. Skylight and tubular light tunnels maximize daylight levels and integrate a seamless flow of space between the interior and exterior living areas.

Karen Nakamura is CEO of the Building Industry Association of Hawaii.