Affordability is based on the value received for the price paid for goods and services. At Atlas Construction, with its experience of four generations of building, pricing is based on long-life, low maintenance, quality building materials and construction techniques.

The company’s experience in constructing and building homes, along with the fact that it has buying power with the volume of work it does on a concurrent basis, makes Atlas Construction’s homes affordable. Experience plus volume equals affordability.


By using quality materials in its construction, the company not only offers a nice finished product, but also low maintenance affordability. Atlas Construction uses quality, grade A materials when building a home, which means the lifespan of the materials is longer. Therefore, time of replacement or repair is further out. This finish material makes for an attractive home that may look costly, but in reality is a savings to you on maintenance cost.


Atlas Construction’s workload throughout the year also allows for better negotiation than wholesale cost on these grade A finish materials. Traditional construction business models have in the past added a markup on finish materials — adding to the overall price of building a new home.

Atlas Construction has structured its pricing so that all discounts it receives from suppliers are passed directly to you, the homeowner. It is in the suppliers’ best interest to give Atlas Construction the best price possible, guaranteeing more business for them in the future.


Atlas Construction’s experience in building homes has taught the company that looking out for the long-term interest of homeowners makes for good business practice. Passing on the savings in finish material cost to homeowners makes their homes more affordable. The company staff see homeowners long after their homes are built, and they are able to greet one another with confidence that each home is well-built with quality, low maintenance materials.

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