One size fits all may be sufficient for clothing, but when it comes to windows, you’re better off shopping for features fitting to Hawaii’s distinct weather.

It’s important to be discerning when it comes to choosing your windows. Some national brands are great at selling mass-market windows for customers living on the Mainland, but there are aspects of island living that don’t fit into typical East-and West-Coast environments. Living in Hawaii requires windows made specifically to endure the tropical climate.


A lack of education and knowledge of Hawaii’s weather, for example, causes many national companies to overlook the potential damage the sun, ocean air and humidity can have on windows. It’s this attention to detail that makes Ali‘i Extreme series of windows and doors by Anlin, products designed for Hawaii’s weather conditions and well suited for Hawaii homes.

Windows Hawaii general manager Mario Garcia said, “Anlin understands the Hawaiian market better, as they build windows to withstand Hawaii’s climate.” It’s not enough to add a few trivial features like putting steel, for example, onto a Mainland window. Rather, it’s about the company devoting 10 years to developing its line of products specifically with Hawaii in mind.

The windows feature integrated glass unit (IGU) and vinyl lifetime warranty for clients’ peace of mind, and the business also provides a warranty exclusively for local residents that takes into account the saltwater environments that can wreak havoc on regular windows. Completely transferable, this warranty covers 10 years of accidental glass breakage — an important consideration that may not be covered with your one-size-fits-all manufactured window.

When comparing companies, you might encounter well-established national businesses with limited knowledge of Hawaii’s climate, or local businesses that lack the experience and dependability of bigger, more established companies. But with Windows Hawaii, the exclusive distributor of Ali‘i Extreme windows by Alin, you get the best of both worlds. You get a local business that knows the challenges of island living, that’s also backed by Northwest Exteriors, a West Coast company that has been in business for almost three decades.

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Photos courtesy of Windows Hawaii