As your old jalousie windows leak and fail, you start thinking about window replacement. Do you use an awning window that will block 50 percent or more ventilation, while creating safety hazards sticking out over walkways close to your house? Do you choose a sliding window that blocks your air flow by 50 percent and cannot be left open in the rain?

You are now challenged with tough choices, because changing your jalousies means you will lose the benefits you have grown accustomed to like full ventilation, safer walk-ways, the ability to leave the jalousies open in gentle rains and the ability to clean them from inside the home.

Well, there is great news for you. High performance Breezway louvers have all the full ventilation benefits of a jalousie in the open position — taking advantage of passive cooling designs — while having none of the drawbacks of a jalousie window when closed. Breezway louvers seal tight, keeping out wind, water and noise, and also offer security screen and hurricane protection options. Recently, Breezway also added the Stronghold clip system that secures the glass blade internally so it cannot fall out — ideal for high elevation windows and increased security at ground levels.

The Stronghold system represents the latest in innovative and safe window technology that has been introduced to Hawaii in years. The frames are made from non-corrosive material that is also UV stabilized to protect from harsh UV rays. Stronghold offers various glass types, including Low e glass, which meets the newly adopted energy codes that other jalousie and louver windows do not.

The glass in the Stronghold is also locally tempered, making safety glass affordable and increasing the safety in your home by more than 100 percent — with glass that is five times stronger than that bought off the shelf at the local store. The Stronghold increases safety by incorporating a security retaining pin system that keeps the blades from falling out and is only removable from the home’s interior.

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