As the summer blockbuster season shifts into gear, American Carpet One is proud to feature the superhero of carpets — better known as Stainmaster.

American Carpet One serves as Hawaii’s leading authority on carpeting and its expert installation via teams of Certified Flooring Installers. American Carpet One was the first to introduce Stainmaster to Hawaii in 1986, and later became a Stainmaster Flooring Center — one of 200 nationwide. The distinction gives the company access to exclusive products and services, as well as the Ultra Life Advantage, which affords customers industry-leading warranties for carpet care.



“Stainmaster offers the best warranties in the industry, but to really help consumers who walk into the showroom get an idea for what will best suit their families and lifestyles, they’ve separated their categories into ‘need states,'” explained Danette Hoe, sales manager, when discussing the five avenues created by Stainmaster carpets.

Stainmaster Essentials carpet offers great value and certified protection, while meeting the everyday needs of a household. Those looking for the soft feel of carpet without sacrificing durability achieve it all with TruSoft — the softest carpet available from Stain-master that remains easy to clean.

For households generating heavy wear and increased traffic, Stainmaster PetProtect is constructed from professional-grade material that can be cleaned with stronger, more effective solutions, without sacrificing the carpet’s integrity. Proprietary Stainmaster cushioning also serves as an effective barrier to moisture, spills and other messes from soaking through the base layer and into the sub-floor, thus allowing for easier cleaning and odor reduction. The carpet, which is constructed with premium nylon 6.6 fibers, a uniquely-structured nylon, also allows for better hair removal when vacuuming up after pets and their owners.


Similarly, Stainmaster’s Active Family carpet line features exceptionally durable models that are easy to clean — the ideal option for busy families on the move. In addition to offering a lifetime warranty on food and beverage stains, anti-static, and soil and pet urine stains, Active Family carpet is available in three different fibers including Luxerell for a natural look and soft touch, and Tactesse, which offers a wide spectrum of luster and feel.


American Carpet One was the first to introduce Stain-master SolarMax premiere carpet with Ultra Life advantage, which covers all other stains such as those left by pets, bleach, paint, nail polish, tar and more. The SolarMax carpet line is composed of solution-dyed nylon, which signifies that the carpet’s color is introduced to the fibers during the liquid stage, ensuring that the color runs evenly throughout.

This process results in fully-colored fibers, likened to taking a cross-section view of a carrot: upon cutting the vegetable, the orange color runs throughout, while when doing the same with a radish, the red color can be seen initially, but eventually fades to white. With so many “need states” addressed by Stainmaster carpets, American Carpet One truly has Hawaii homeowners covered.

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