To meet the varying needs of Hawaii’s homeowners, C&C Cabinets Granite offers a host of quartz and granite countertops that are currently in stock and ready for installation.

The attractive granite varieties are recognized for durability and beauty in a wide range of applications and feature elegant color schemes such as Bianco Antico, Cosmic Black and Rose Pearl. Customers are encouraged to bring in their building dimensions and plans so C&C Cabinets Granite can craft a design and generate an estimate.


C&C Cabinets Granite sales manager Albert Oh emphasized the importance of color as customers consider the ideal granite or quartz counter-top. He explained that “dark colors provide a rich, warmer, sultry feel, while light colors offer a brighter and uplifting” ambience. The experienced sales consultant also noted that customers should consider coordinating colors with flooring and cabinetry, to ensure continuity within a room.


When choosing the style of a desired countertop, Oh noted that “veins” in granite show movement, while static, uniform patterns provide a subtle, more conservative look. Customers should also keep maintenance in mind, as quartz does not require any major upkeep, while granite needs to be re-sealed once or twice per year; 15-year sealants are also available for a higher price.

As customers consider kitchen improvements, Oh recommended focusing on the height of one’s backsplash; the decorative backing behind a counter is usually six inches high, but for dramatic effect, full backsplashes covering the entire wall provide attractive design elements and increased functionality. One’s choice of sink is also important as under-mount sinks usually cost a bit more since the surrounding countertop edges need polishing, whereas over-mount sinks cover the resulting cut out.


The friendly and knowledgeable staff at C&C Cabinets Granite encourages customers to stop in and check out its expanded showroom. The business is well equipped to aid in the design and completion of both residential and commercial projects, and offers “one-stop shopping” thanks to in-house designers, craftsmen and installation crews standing by.

C&C Cabinets Granite has assisted property owners with their building and remodeling needs since 2010, while operating out of its convenient Iwilei location situated behind the Costco gas station. “We take pride in providing a hassle-free experience and welcome the opportunity to meet your building needs and budget,” Oh said.

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